The Future Of Jewelry Shopping
The Worlds First-Ever 3D Printed Rings 
with Online Sizing and Try-On System!

The Future of Jewelry Shopping
The First-Ever 3D Printed Rings 
With Online Sizing and Try-On System

Never Guess Your Size Again.
Size with your Smart Phone.
When you order a Bezel item, you will be able to try on the actual ring using 3D simulation on the Bezel e-commerce platform. This lets you get a sense of how your ring will actually look and fit on your before you make the purchase.
Custom Printed Your Jewelry.
Direct Metal Laser Sintering is an advanced 3-D modeling process that guides manufacturing from design to physical component. The process works in tandem with our 3D printers to ensure that every ring looks exactly as it was supposed to.
Launching on Kickstarter AUG 28, 2017
"Digitally-Sized, Custom-Built."
Jewelers and jewelry lovers agree. Trying on ring size after ring size to find the perfect fit is a waste of time. De Rigeur Designs is here to change that. We’re launching the first-ever 3D printed jewelry line and size-calculating mobile application. Join our Kickstarter and experience our unique e-commerce platform.
Step 1: 
Scan your finger
Step 2: 
Upload to the Platform
Step 3: 
Ship Directly to You
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Receive up to 30% off MSRP 
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Receive up to $100 off MSRP on
Bezel Jewelry
Why Are We Crowdfunding?
The biggest potential obstacle would be a delay in the mobile app development. We are working with an outside contractor to develop e-commerce functionalities to take orders and payments, the back end database, the 3D try-on, and the digital ring sizer for our app. Augmented reality and object tracking are relatively new technologies.

 All proceeds from Kickstarter will be used for mobile app development and building a team to tackle both the B2C (Consumer-side) and B2B (Commercial-side) aspects of our new startup. We will also use the funds toward our robust R&D department to ensure that our company stays ahead of the curve in additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology.
Pre-Order Yours Today!
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